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Monday, October 3, 2022
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Department Spotlight - CPXads
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The work of PolariStar LLC is carried out in its numerous product departments. These independent groups conduct all work related to their respective projects and contribute to the PolariStar brand as a whole. These departments are as follows:
  • CPXads - CPXads is a major arm of PolariStar LLC that oversees the company's advertising and marketing projects. The department operates a fast-growing banner advertising network, conducts campaign management for third-party advertisers, and manages PolariStar's marketing of its own on-line properties. This is one of PolariStar LLC's most innovative product groups which constantly initiates new on-line monetization strategies.
  • TagTarget - On-line price comparison shopping has represented one of the most dynamic and high-potential on-line segments over the past several years. TagTarget, PolariStar's response to price comparison shopping, will offer consumers the ability to compare product prices both at on-line merchants as well as at merchants in their vicinity. Ultimately, it is expected that this resource will grow into an interface enabling better access between merchants of all geographies and their consumers.
  • Dividend Points - The Dividend Points property is slated to be one of PolariStar's more prominent projects. Offering rewards points to on-line shoppers, this membership-driven system will enable merchants - both local and on-line - to better target and communicate with their customers.
  • PolariStar Properties - The holdings unit for PolariStar, PolariStar Properties operates and maintains some of the group's mid-level on-line destinations.
  • PolariStar Consulting Services - PolariStar's consulting unit brings together all the company's resources for larger clients, enabling PolariStar to create custom solutions for these clients' infrastructure, on-line marketing, and monetization needs.
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